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Libriomancer - Jim C. Hines 3.5 stars, rounded up because there's such a lack out there of fun adventure stories that manage to avoid THOSE issues. You know, the ones that make me wince and shake my head and wonder why, WHY did they have to use that again? This book is a whole lot of fun, like Takes of the Ketty Jay for the magic-using and vampire set, and the more I can do to encourage things like this, the happier I'll be :)Issac is a libriomancer, which might be the coolest type of magic since the allomancy of the Mistborn books. The rules are clear-cut and easy to understand, properly limiting while still allowing for a lot of creativity, freedom and personal taste among the users.Issac isn't in the field anymore, for reasons even he grudgingly has to admit are good. But the field sort of comes to him when several Myers-esque vampires (Sparklers for short) pay a visit to his workplace looking for information, one way or another.What follows are the first growing gasps of a war between two powerful and secretive sides. I have to start by saying I really love the characters. The cast is varied, and while there's only really two central characters, the side characters have the feel of real people, not a collection of basic characteristics who only started to exist the moment before they walked through the door in their first scene (I KNOW you know what I mean about those). I also thought the central conflict worked really well, with the mystery making good sense and its conclusion being reasonably easy to follow as the characters were working it out.Fun as it was, there just wasn't as much substance to this book as some of Hines' earlier ones. While story was foremost in those, they were also to an extent commenting on things. This book is just meant to be fun, and it delivers on that, but I sort of wanted a little more.Also, I'm still having trouble wrapping my head around the romance in this book. Notg that it's bad, its just so far outside my experience that it's a little hard to just accept. However, I REALLY liked the payoff for that at the end. I thought it was a very strong way to conclude that sideplot.In short, I've never yet met a Jim Hines book I wouldn't recommend, and this one is no exception.