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Cinder - Marissa Meyer I shouldn't like this book as much as I do. I really, really should not. It does a lot of things I don't like generally. I don't like it when the plot twist is so obvious right from the start. I don't like when the hero or heroine is acted on rather than an actor in the climax. I don't like when characters are presented in black and white terms, either very good or very evil. And all of these things are in Cinder.But I don't care. I can critically point to all of these things, as well as some technical glitches within the prose, but none of it matters because right from the start, I liked Cinder, I identified with her and empathized with her, and I wanted her to succeed. This was a very fast read, and once it got its hooks in, I just had to read through the rest in one sitting. The tone is fairly light, but there's a certain sense of dread threading through everything that happens. It's not perfect, like I said. I know there's at least a second book, and one of the things I hope gets addressed is that in this book Cinder doesn't get to keep any female allies. The women around her either die or are irrevocably against her. Men who help her, however, manage to survive the contact. I trust this will be addressed, but there's always that little bit of fear.Also, there were a few tiny little moments when it felt like someone would break out of the black or white setup of the story, most notably Cinder's stepmother. I would really love to see some characters come down in the gray area in a second book.But overall, I think this is a fantastic read and wholeheartedly recommend it.