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Dead as a Doornail - Charlaine Harris I can see why this was recommended to me by so many people. I can see why it's so popular. And I'm glad I read a Sookie Stackhouse book.All that being said, I don't think I'll read another one.Part of my problem was expectation, but unlike a lot of times when expectation bites me, this time I take no blame. The blurb about this book made it sound like an urban fantasy mystery or thriller, racing against the clock to figure out who was shooting at shifters before it gets too close to home for Sookie.What I got was a romance novel, but without the actual smut that might have made this more entertaining to me. Now, while I don't care for love triangles, they're not deal breakers. But this wasn't a triangle. It was at least four and you could make the argument for up to seven men all vying individually for Sookie's attention - full of testosterone fueled posturing I might add - while Sookie pretty much drifted from one day to the next. So, for a reader like me, a romance novel made up of all the worst parts of the genre. There were good bits in this. Some of the worldbuilding in the battle for were succession was gripping and interesting. The action scenes were well written. There were glimmers in here of a book I could have liked, even loved.But there was the romance which overwhelmed everything else, crowding it out. There's a mystery here, but they don't do a whole lot of actually looking into it, and the first time they do something remotely proactive, the killer is found immediately. Speaking of the mystery, it would probably have helped the mystery part if the shooter had not basically waved "I did it" flags in an earlier conversation.Also, there were bits of this which were just pain uncomfortable to read. Like, aside from Sookie, women tend to be either really weak or just awful people. Sookie herself doesn't seem to have anything nice to say about any female character in this book 95 percent of the time, and treats her friend really callously. There's also a lot of... I hesitate to call it victim blaming, but certainly an idea that a lot of the bad actions by men are caused by women.And did I miss it, or are almost all of the homosexual characters in Also, there seemed to be a predilection in this book toward the violent deviant homosexual trope? I think Claude was the only gay man spoken of in a remotely sympathetic way in this volume, at least to my reading.Also, the comparison to a lynching seemed VERY out of place.All in all, this book had some glimmers but mostly it made me uncomfortable to read and I just couldn't get myself to like Sookie. A main character doesn't have to be my favorite. They're usually not. But I need a hero or heroine I can cheer for and Sookie was just too mean and too self-absorbed for me to like.