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The Well of Ascension - Brandon Sanderson While I love this series, I think this middle book suffers from a lot of middle-book-itis. The characters do a lot of developing, the plot does a lot of setting up, but overall it feels like things are just a bit too drawn out and it throws the pacing off for me.I do love that we get a lot of information about Sazed and the Terris people, as well as the kandra. They were rather underutilized and vague in parts in the first book, and while that didn't hurt the first book, it was wonderful to get the expanded information here.The focus in this book is on the Well of Ascention, on Eland and Vin and their roles in the new world they're trying to build, on what happens to the world itself, and all of those individual threads are really interesting. I don't know, it just never came together as well for me as the first book.