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Fairy Tail, Vol. 06 - Hiro Mashima, William Flanagan This volume offers a good if, again, somewhat standard resolution to the first major arc. And I have to say, I enjoy that this one takes an incredulous view of the "die for your friends" mentality many shonen shows do. I've always found it ridiculous how fast people dive straight for that, and I'm glad Fairy Tail addresses how much more important living for your friends is.but as fun as the resolution of the "demons" plight is and as cool as the fights are, it's the second half of the book that really stood out for me, as the team returns to find their guild house has been attacked by another guild, Phantom Lord. They're livid, as are many in the guild, but because of political reasons cannot go right out and kick butt. But then Phantom ups the ante, beating up three Fairy Tail members and leaving them hanging from a tree out in the open. Normally the art in this series is cute but nothing special. However, the image of the guild master looking at what's been done to his "children" is a pretty powerful few frames - I really liked it. The scene is set, and Fairy Tail attacks Phantom Lord's home base in retribution. Unfortunately, as they do this, other members of the Phantom Lord guild are kidnapping Lucy, for a reason yet unexplained. this was probably the most dramatic and gripping volume so far, launching full-bore into the next arc.