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Ganymede - Cherie Priest I thought this would be my favorite Clockwork Century book so far, as it's based around a bit of American history that I've always found fascinating - the first war submarine, a craft which killed more of its own people, including its creator, than it did enemies. Ahh, America. :)But unfortunately, this book fell a little flat for me. It does contain perhaps my favorite of this series' characters in Josephine Early - smart and strong and in control, but definitely womanly as well, and compassionate and understanding. I love reading about her and I wish she were in more of an exciting book.Unfortunately, a good deal of this book feels very treading-water-ish, lacking many of the sweeping action scenes that drove Boneshaker and Dreadnaut along at an unstoppable pace. there's a lot of walking and talking and complaining, a lot of looking at plans and hoping. There are a few small action scenes, but the only really strong one comes almost at the end of the book and leads into what felt like a fairly limp ending.Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed this read. I was just expecting more of what made me enjoy the other two books in the series that I'd read and this was definitely a more subdued tale.