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House of Five Leaves, Vol. 7 - Natsume Ono Oh, wow. I knew things were coming to a head, but this was better than I expected, so despite the continuing problem of sometimes being unable to tell characters apart, I had to give this one a five. I would give it five stars for one specific scene alone, where Masa tries to save Yaichi and, when he realizes they can't get away, turns and kills one of the men following them. His brief, cold contemplation of the murder, of what Yaichi is doing/has done and what Masa intends to do starkly show the growth he's slowly but surely come to over the course of the series so far, while his meeting with his brother shows that the core of who he is remains largely intact. I've loved this series from the first volume, but I think this may be the best of the lot thus far and I'm incredibly excited for the final volume.