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Fairy Tail, Vol. 01 - Hiro Mashima, William Flanagan There's nothing new under the sun, and anyone who reads Fairy Tail after having already read some of its shonen predecessors will discover that firsthand. But being done before doesn't mean you can't do it again well, and that's ALSO what Fairy Tail manages to bring to the fore.In a world of entangled magic and technology, groups of magic-users called guilds enable the world to be protected from everything from world-conquering villains to annoying thieving bands. And one of those guilds, one renowned for their ability to cause unparallelled havoc, is Fairy Tail.The characters are fun and varied, quirky to the extreme, but there's something endearing about the way they cling to one another, and this first volume is our reader viewpoint character, Lucy, learning just that.