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The Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Vol. 2 - Diana Wynne Jones I was a little worried, reading this out of order and starting with Vol. 2 here, but whatever was in Vol. 1, it doesn't hinder understanding of these stories.There are two tales in this book. Both have the trademark frankness of narrative and whimsy that I've come to expect from Jones' work, and I'm definitely glad I read it. I think the first, a book about magical families in Italy, was the stronger of the two. The world was more immersive and while the story was pretty predictable, it was told in a wonderful style. This was a story that seems to be screaming to be read aloud, if that makes any sense. The second story, while more serious, also seemed to suffer from some pacing issues and the characters weren't quite as fun or endearing. It was still a well-told story with a bit more of a spine.