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The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, #24) - Terry Pratchett Another fantastic story, as usual taking a look at class, sex and culture differences and how people, for better or for worse, handle them. Vimes this time is put in the uncomfortable position of going to Uberwald to represent Anhk-Morpork at the crowning of a new Low King of the dwarves. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) he's also chasing the threads of a pair of crimes from his home city that are woven all around the upper levels of Uberwald's political culture.In his absence, we also get to see what the Watch would be like with Colon in charge. And boy, is it a whole new world...My favorite character, Cheery (Cheri!) gets some pretty good face-time in this book as the lead edge of a revolution of sorts among dwarves as she, as first seen in the last book, continues to publicly declare that she is female and refer to herself and dress herself accordingly. This of course is scandalous to the more traditional dwarves in the mountains. Detritus, as a troll among groups who would sooner see his head on a wall than treat with him, also gets to expand considerably upon his role and character from earlier books. And Sybil - wonderful, wonderful Sybil - gets some of her own kind, loving and also completely heroic nature explored.