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Discount Armageddon - Seanan McGuire A vivid cast of unique and interesting characters, a pretty broad sense of humor and a heroine who's comfortable with who she is and what she wants - these were the aspects of this book that hooked me and made me persevere through one massively disappointing trope.McGuire's October Daye books featured a richly detailed second world, a society of Fae living in tandem with our normal world, and the cryptid society of this book is no less detailed and well-thought-out. I could see her version of New York in my head (though maybe people less familiar with the city would find it sort of samey and indistinct) and the various ways the cryptids stay out of sight of humans made good sense. Pretty much everyone was genuinely likeable, or at least possessed that love-to-hate quality. Even minor characters made me interested and want to know more about them. The plot was a bit straightforward, maybe even simplistic, but the adventure and action was good. In the end, my only major gripe was that the relationship between Verity and Dominic was so heavily telegraphed that you pretty much knew from the first time they met that they'd be sleeping together and he'd end up coming over to her side. Plot points that obvious just bug me and undercut my enjoyment of the story.