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An Artificial Night - Seanan McGuire Whereas the first book in the series felt flat, and the second too obvious plot-wise, this book worked a lot better for me. Plot-wise, the pacing was a huge improvement over the first and was far less transparent than the second. The ideas continue to be awesome (especially as a fan of some of the original myths that this particular story is drawn from) but I still find myself disappointed by this series.I still like Toby but wish the narrative were more clear about her - she works as a detective but she's not really a detective, she's not terribly bright (which can be frustrating as a reader) but she's fiercely dogged, refusing to give up. Its her greatest asset, followed closely by her ability to care about people. I sort of thought this book was going to pursue those aspects more, and while it sort of did I found myself disappointed. The fae who are usually so circumspect, giving Toby easy-to-solve "Riddles" that frustrate her, just throw out the term "hero" which is so basic as to be a completely useless term in context. This story also had trouble with feeling a bit repetitive. Toby returns multiple times to the same place to fight the same foe, and by the third one it had lost me. I keep waiting for Toby to do something new, something different, but she doesn't. She goes to the same people for the same help and uses the same talents and relies almost wholly on luck and the previously mentioned determination.I'm going to keep reading. The ideas are sound, and while it bothers me that everyone *loves* Toby or else is painted pretty much as a bad person, I do like Toby's writing as a person. I just wish she'd grow and change more. I love the use of mythology and am looking forward to what ones get used next. And finally, the writing is solid and clear.