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Goblin Tales - Jim C. Hines I rather suspect I would have enjoyed this collection, or at least the two stories starring Jig, even more if I'd not yet read Hines' Goblin series, but overall I found this a quick and really enjoyable read."School Spirit" and "Goblin Lullaby" were, for me, the two brightest and best of the collection. Grell and Veka were both amazing characters who I adored in the Goblin books, and it was great to see Grell's solid even-mindedness and unassuming courage (not a typical courage to be sure but a great courage no less!) and Veka's enthusiasm and problem-solving outside the frame of Jig's adventures. "Mightier than the Sword" was really interesting, but it made me look forward with great interest to the full-length book in the same universe. It was interesting, but there was a lot about libromancy and libromancers that needed explaining for the story to make sense. While it didn't interrupt the flow of the short story, all that explanation was pretty noticeable, to me at least, and I look forward to reading more about that particular world where the worldbuilding can be done in the more gradual style Hines uses in his other books. Which is not to say its a bad story! Its really good, well-pages and amusing (and, as someone who's been to more than a few cons, also VERY true to life in those regards!)"The Haunting of Jig's Ear" and "Goblin Hunter" were both well-written and funny in the style of the other Goblin books, but the format felt very similar to the Jig books, especially the first. they're fun to read, but I definitely was not as absorbed in them as the others.