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Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne - Grant Morrison, Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irving, Ryan Sook, Yanick Paquette, Lee Garbett, Georges Jeanty, Karl Story, Mick Gray Neither the best nor the worst comic I've read by this author. I was confused through a lot of it, a fact that might have been alleviated if I read it closer and more carefully, but every time I tried to really give it a deep perusal, I lost interest because the secondary characters in this were by and large neither memorable nor particularly easy to identify with, and so I found I just didn't care what happened to them - and what Batman was doing was largely tied up in what was happening to them.Some issues were better than others. I thought the pirate section was one of the better ones, with Batman really whipping out the old World's Greatest Detective skills. The pilgrim and old west-style stories use deaths for shock value, but again, it was really hard to be truly shocked because I didn't CARE About the people who died. All in all, not terrible, but given the setup and some of the ideas that came into play, it should have been a lot more engaging than it was.