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Fairy Tail 20 - Hiro Mashima Roughly books 13 through 20 were so gri9pping that I plowed through them all in a couple days, and given the frustrating, cliffhanger-y way this one ended I suspect the next book to be much the same.There was a lot packed into this volume. The truth of Cait Shelter and their connection to Nirvana. A resolution, or sorts, to Jellal's storyline. New additions to Fairy Tail. The introduction (at last!) of Gildarts. Information about the Dragons. And a cute, sad little side story with Gajeel being very cute and awkward.but at the end of this volume, it shifts gears and hauls full-on into what just happened territory, ending on one of the most frustrating cliffhangers I've read in a while. I really, REALLY want the nexy volume now