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Homestuck Book One - Andrew Hussie I can't help but think, this is a story you need to experience, at least first, in its original web version. A lot of people whose taste I tend to share have spoken super highly of this over the past few years, but while I found this book entertaining enough, it just didn't feel like anything special in this still, dead-tree form.I think part of it may be that too many years of reading bad fantasy have given me a fairly small level of patience for awkward new words I'm excepted to understand and remember, or at the very least tolerate. This book is full of them. If this is a deal-breaker for you, turn back now.The characters are interesting, though not particularly good people - at least, the main character's not particularly good, we don't get enough of anyone else in this book to really get a good feel. And you know... I like that. I like that the main character's dislike of his father is clearly immature and foolish and that he gets called on it. I like the mistakes that get made within the new "game." These things really drove the story forward.The one thing that I think readers of the web version may find useful (I'm not sure if they were included in the original web version) are the author's notes. Some are clearly just there because he needs to write something on each page.But others explain some of the inspiration for various aspects of the story, and even not knowing what later things he's referring to, I found them pretty fun to read.Overall, I'm glad I gave this a try, but I think I may try continuing on via the web version.