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Demon Fist (Vol. 2) - Gary Swarer While it retains some of the shortcomings of the first volume, this book definitely improves upon the formula. The art seems a bit more solid and the story becomes a lot broader. It's still got some trouble with overused tropes (the big bad evil church? Its the one part of this all that's REALLY hard not to roll my eyes at for how boring I find it) but we got a lot more interesting side characters this time around who are getting slightly more well developed (and they're pirates! Awesome!). Rory and the demons are, as in the first book, a lot of fun to read about.What I would really love to see out of this story as it goes on is for more characters to move beyond the superficial. They all feel very basic. I'd love some more complexity. Well, we shall see what the third volume holds! As before, this is a webcomic so if you're interested you can check it out online!