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As with the second book in this series, this one distinguishes itself from the first by introducing a new character who I found far more interesting than those we were given in the first volume. In this case it's Kurtian, an elf with the unlikely hobby of drilling his humans in military maneuvers. And as with the second book, this one is at its best when indulging in the unique perspective brought hby this new character.

In a great many other respects, this book is competent but not great. The plot makes sense but isn't terribly surprising nor terribly tense. The characters aren't totally flat, but do sometimes seem to slot into trope-ish slots and venture very little out of them. Add to that how the end makes it feel more like this is the first part of a two-parter rather than an independent book in its own right, and this became an unsatisfying but not technically disappointing read.