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Holy cow. I knew the events of this issue were coming, but I didn't expect them to hit me like they did. I've been through time skips in other series and they're always fun, but this one was heartbreaking as well. And then everything got put to rights, and oh man, was it fantastic to see.


Natsu, Gajeel and Wendy have been looking for their dragons for a while, but when they finally find one, it has no interest in talking. The members of the guild that are on the island manage to protect themselves with the third Fairy Magic... but the penalty is that everyone is put in stasis for seven long years. With virtually every strong member of the guild on the island, the guild has been decimated, sticking to its ideals but unable to stand up for itself as it had in its heyday. Seeing how they've changed, how they've coped in the absence of the others, is sad in its own right. But Lucy...


Oh, Lucy. :(


Seeing Cana reveal her relationship to her father finally makes her think of her own father. But the news she gets when she goes to hunt for him... and the way she tries but can't cry about it... and the last words she gets from him just shattered my heart. So sad. I can't even imagine going through that. All the changed politics in the world can't even begin to compare.


This volume is stellar. I loved it, even as I hated trying to read through tears. One of my favorite volumes in this series, bar none.