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Warning, blatant spoilers in this one! You are warned.

This is easily the weakest book in the Harper Hall trilogy in my opinion. The shift of main characters was an unwelcome surprise, the story meanders a bit, and there's plot points that just make so little sense that I found myself hurrying to be rid of the book, where I really savored the fun of the first two.

I mean, the guy steals a fire lizard egg. A QUEEN fire lizard egg. And hatches and impresses it. And everyone treats this as a cute boyish prank. No! Why? I get that he wants a fire lizard, I get that it'll probably be given to someone who in the eyes of the hall doesn't deserve it, and was being used as payment in transactions that apparently shouldn't be taking place. But he STOLE it. Stole. Goodness! And while I get that bullying happens everywhere and comes in all forms, our hero's bullying felt like they turned up the heat on Menolly's from the first few books. It's just... all of these kids are unrepentantly horrible? To the point of causing serious harm? And our poor angel, innocent in all this? I feel like maybe this would have appealed to me when I was younger though, ahd these seem to be for younger readers.

It's still a pretty well-written book, like the first two, with an immersive feel and a good look at the unique cultures and worlds of Pern. It's also a very fast-moving, quick read.  I just found it kind of boring.