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Essential Power Man and Iron Fist, Vol. 2 - Chris Claremont, Kurt Busiek, Denys Cowan, Kerry Gammill, Ernie Chan, Mike W. Barr, Steven Grant, Mary Jo Duffy, Greg LaRocque, Dennis O'Neil, Frank Miller, Klaus Janson, Keith Pollard, Ricardo Villamonte, Ruby Nebres

Fun. This book was just a lot of fun. It felt very fast-paced, especially as compared to today's write for the trade mentality. Rarely did a story go more than one issue in a row. And as with the first volume, the really great part here was how well Power Man and Iron Fist work together as partners and as friends. They both know one another's strengths and weaknesses and work together pretty seamlessly to face whatever comes at them.

Is there a misstep or two? Yeah. A few things make just the barest of sense. A few chapters seem like they threw a dart at a board to pick what the pair deal with. But overall, it's just fun. It's enjoyable, the characters' personalities are really setting one another off, the circumstances are starting to continue from issue to issue, and I just really enjoyed it. Highly recommended if you don't mind superhero stories and a bit of cheese.