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While the storylines in this are predictable to the point of absurdity in some cases, things were engaging enough to keep me interested through the book and enjoying some of the action scenes. The time scale in this is weird - it feels like some sections get more pages than they need, while others are skimping, giving it a jerky stop-start feeling. Not a fan of that.

I actually got quite a kick out of Anduin, though it seems like everything he's ever written into he's the smartest and most level-headed person in the room. Its not terribly surprising when he's put next to someone like his dad, but it starts to reach into the Marty Stu territory when we get an ensemble cast.

The art is still crisp, cartoony and utterly ridiculous when a woman is trying to do anything remotely aerobic. The colorish is earning his or her money - the vibrancy of the colors is really what makes this art stand out for me as anything more than a Ramos wanna-be.