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This was a nice little book, a quick, short read with a pretty hot starring couple and a bit of policework along with some dark magic.

This isn't my normal genre and I'm not used to the romance tropes per se, but I found this to be an enjoyable read, even not having read anything earlier in this series. Everything I needed to know was smoothly summarized and integrated into the narrative.

If there's one quibble I would have - and given that this seems meant to be light and quick it's only a quibble, not a problem - it's that everything in the plot is pretty simple. The guilty party never really seemed to be in doubt - it's exactly who the detective thinks from the beginning. And what exactly the bad guy is doing also doesn't seem to matter much - he never seems to use the stuff he has put in place. Even the crime itself doesn't seem to matter. What matters is that there is a crime with enough evidence to arrest the guy. What exactly he *did* isn't important to anyone.

I think in light of this, I would have liked a little more length on this book, but that's often a good problem to have. It never overstayed its welcome, was just quick and fun. I may have to pick up some of the previous books in the series.