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Showcase Presents: Booster Gold - Dan Jurgens, John Byrne, Al Vey, Ty Templeton

While this comic book works better in color (Seriously, there's a two-parter based around a color-based villain, so reading it in black and white is a little ridiculous :) ) this collection is a great introduction to one of the more unique superheroes in DC's stable. He's faliable, self-centered and partly in the superheroing gig for the fun and the money. But he's also someone who genuinely does like to do good and has a pretty solid, if different from normal heroes', sense of right and wrong. He's brave, he's dedicated to his friends, and if he's a little too addicted to his Q rating, well, at least he's a lot of fun to watch while doing so. Definitely recommended if you like fun superhero action.