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Heroes Are Extinct!!: Volume 2 - Ryoji Hido

In the first volume, we got a lot of OTT Power Rangers stuff. In this one, we start to get more of the melodramatic space opera stuff, full of intrigues and plots and personal connections that only one side is aware of. Oh yeah, and deceit of an entire empire.


In this book, Cassiel's brother reappears. A fellow general, he's been off somewhere else fighting another battle for the empire, but he does come and check on his little brother in what he claims was an unfortunate teleportation accident. However, his mere presence upsets the weird sort of balance that Cassiel, Velvet and Aster have come to, with Cassiel hero-worshiping him and Velvet just plain not caring for him. Matters are complicated further by a little bit of news he brings about Velvet's sudden (and unknown to her) engagement for the glory of the empire.


While these matters are distracting Cassiel a little from his leadership of the Terra Force, he does see fit to push them to the next stage of their planetary battle, both by getting scientists to build them the sort of tool such fighters need, and by beginning to attack with Earth creatures blown up to monster size (but nothing icky, okay?)


A second great installment in his highly amusing series!