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Black Jack, Vol. 14 - Osamu Tezuka

So, this is where I gave up on this series.

One of the perils of being incredibly awesome is that if you start to be marginally less awesome, you get judged pretty harshly for it. If I'd started a new manga series written and drawn at the level of this volume of Black Jack, I would love it. This is not a bad book, not at all.

But after 14 volumes of stand-alone episodes and variety of cases, by the time I get to this point every reread, its feeling utterly samey. I feel at this point like I've read all this before, but done just slightly better, in earlier books.

Black Jack is awesome. If you can suspend your disbelief long enough to accept the idea that a man can solve every medical issue with a superspeed surgery, it's an incredible series, and the art is dynamic and moving while also being serious. It's a breath of fresh air in a world where one so often runs into series whose action is so cluttered with action lines and effects that you can't tell what's even going on. Black Jack is a fanatstically gray-morality character, his customers run the gamut from utter angels to despicable monsters and even a few non-humans. If you have any interest at all in this series, try it. It's well worth the try.

But if by this point you're done too, I won't blame you at all. :)