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Essential Luke Cage, Power Man, Vol. 1 - Roy Thomas, John Romita Sr., Archie Goodwin

So if you're picking this book up nowadays hoping to encounter never-before-seen ideas and plots, you're going to be disappointed. As you might be able to guess from just how old the books in this collection are, you've seen most of this before by now. Even within the trade, you start to see the same storytelling notes coming up again and again, and at times you can skip entire issues and miss nothing of note.

But that being said, if you're in it for Luke Cage - as I was - this is a pretty fun volume. It especially seems to work when Cage is doing the stuff that he wants to do, following his own story arc rather than picking up the client of the week.

Though I was about at the point where if I saw one more fight in Cage's office that somehow didn't wreck the entire place I was just gonna be done. :)