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The Gentleman Thief (Kindaichi Case Files) - Yozaburo Kanari

This was my first foray into the Kindaichi Case Files, and I'll probably go back into the series a few more times. I can't speak to the series as a whole, therefore, but for me this volume had two big problems. One of these problems is not really its fault and it can't do anything about. The other, I have to assume just doesn't happen in the other books.

Second, easier problem first - there was not enough material here to justify the length of this manga volume. As a result, characters end up stating the same thing repeatedly, sometimes in nearly the same words, and I got a dreadful "is it ever going to end?" feeling toward the end, a bit before the final reveal. this is in part because the entire focus of the book is on the mystery itself, and as a result it feels like we never got much development for our main character. That's something the extra space could have been used for.

And the first problem, the one it can't help... I'm always going to compare detective manga to Case Closed/Detective Conan. I know this series started first by a couple years, I believe. But in Case Closed the arcs are tight and contained, the characters are more quirky and interesting, and those combine to create generally good pacing. For my tastes, Kindiachi didn't measure up. It wasn't bad. But it wasn't as good. And I feel guilty about judging it based on it not being a different series, but eh...