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Legal Drug, Volume 01 - CLAMP

This is the take of Kazahaya and Rikuo, who work as stock boys are the Green Drugstore in Toyko. Except that sometimes, in addition to the shop duties, they take on extra assignments that only people of their... unique? talents can handle. Kazahaya can see the past of something if he touches it, while Rikuo can break things.

Ah, Legal Drug. You know how some things you enjoyed in your younger days, you can totally return to later in life and enjoy them just as much, if in a different way?

This is not one such book, at least for me.

Don't get me wrong, it's fine. It's not a bad book. The characters are vibrant and each distinct from the other. There's a humor to the conversations that I really enjoyed, and the missions that our characters get sent on are unusual and fun to experience. But in the end, it doesn't do anything especially knew or unusual.

It paved the way entirely for some of the characters who would come later in Clamp and some of the ideas as well (I've heard the whole thing referred to as a sort of proto-xxxHolic, and I can definitely see that. And if you're into Clamp works, it's got pretty much everything you like about their style.

Oh, and pretty boys getting all touchy-feely, it's got that too. Though maybe that falls under the things that Clamp just does in pretty much every one of their works. :)