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Fairy Tail 34 - Hiro Mashima

Okay, THIS is the book that got me to fall in love with this arc.

I mean, I know all that setup had to happen. We have to back our heroes up against the wall so they can strike back all the harder, etc. etc. But man, there was so much about this volume I loved.

Let's start with Wendy's fight - a very cool battle because it showed the two as equals, and yet that they were able to separate battle from personal. I absolutely loved how the fight ended, even if I was not particularly enamored with the result.

Also, Erza. Just... Erza. Her section was amazing and badass and just... ahh, I loved it! I love her. I wish I could be like her. :)

Oh yeah, and even Cana got a chance to show off a little bit for her team. <3

Also, I think the fight Laxus is in may be one of my very favorite Laxus scenes in the history of Fairy Tail. I've never really warmed up to him before now, but man, he finally turned it one - both the badassness and the awesomeness.

Sorry, this is sort of gushy, but this one really had me from start to end.

The only bad part for me was the very end - the last fight. That character better be getting set up for an awesome chance to shine by the end of this arc.