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Duklyon: Clamp School Defenders, Vol. 01 - CLAMP, Ray Yoshimoto, Jamie S. Rich

Do you remember Power Rangers? Of course you remember Power Rangers. Did you ever watch Power Rangers and think, this would be even more awesome if it were totally self-aware and more tongue-in-cheek?

If you did, maybe you should check this series out. :)

Kentaro and Takeshi are students at Clamp Academy, but they have an alternate life as well - as the Clamp Campus Defenders, Duklyon! Based out of a bakery (and having to hop into a sometimes-in-use over to get to their secret base), they are fighting against the Imonoyama Shopping District Association, whose "first step"s in world domination include such diverse actions as taking over a science lab, interrupting a PE class or kidnapping a kindergartner. Not holding her for ransom or anything. Just... kidnapping her.

There's some nods in this that are pretty funny if you're in the right headspace for them. Almost everyone in this has an alter ego, and their alter ego almost never looks demonstrably different from their civilian persona. Sometimes they even use the same name in both personas. And yet no one ever works it out, in  proud tradition.

Is this going to be a deep, mentally stimulating read? No. It's dumb fun, lovingly lampooning a particular type of hero. If that's what you're in for, it's a light, fun read. (And is part of a triumverate with the Clamp Campus Detectives and Man with 20 Faces.)