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Aquaman: Time and Tide - Peter David, Kirk Jarvinen, Brad Vancata

This book was a lot of fun. A friend loaned it to me when I mentioned I didn't know anything about Aquaman's backstory, and he brought this by the next day.

It was far from perfect, and I daresay it was even a far cry from what Peter David can do at the top of his game. There are also some... let's go with distressing art moments. Like Aqualad, who I was starting to think had developed a tic of some kind. And there's a bit of the cheese in dialogue now and again. Nothing in here comes off as terribly original (the perils of reading older comics, in a way).

But I actually felt a lot of pathos for Aquaman, a character who, before this, I could really take or leave. I think the strongest story in the lot might have been the very first one, where Aquaman hangs out with Flash and shows himself to be less fo the absolute good guy than some of his counterparts.