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Clamp School Detectives, Vol. 01 - CLAMP, Ray Yoshimoto, Jamie S. Rich

Clamp School Detectives is a manga that certainly has its place, but lacks anything unique or particularly well done to make it stand out. Also, unlike with Clamp School Defenders, it's not really referencing anything in particular that I can tell. As a result, it's cute and occasionally awkward, but not a series I'd miss if I never read it again.

The series follows Nokoru, Suoh and Akira, who lead the Elementary School division at Clamp School. Nokoru's smart and rich, Suoh's strong and agile, and Akira's the team mom complete with unbelievable cooking ability. They're also all considered handsome bu the kids at the school, which is where the majority of the awkward comes in. These kids are followed around constantly by a gaggle of girls (and sometimes women. Like, college-age women. These kids are supposed to be in Fourth through sixth grade) trying to snag them. It's... yeah, awkward.

In addition to everything else, Nokoru considewrs himself a feminist and can sense a damsel in distress at like 2 km. His financials and his personality combine to make him believe that he can help any woman.

To be fair, he does tend to be fairly tactful about his aid. For instance, in one a woman has been waiting for decades in hope that her husband will come home. Her actual peril is something completely different (and OTT) and once he takes care of that, the others ask him if he wants to see if they can find her husband. She didn't ask them to do so, so he leaves her with her faint hope.

I do wish we got to see more of Suoh. I know we get a lot more of Akira in Man of 20 Faces, but Suoh doesn't have another title as far as I know.