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Clamp School Detectives, Vol. 02 - CLAMP

Another cute volume. Though even more than in the first volume, there's some stuff in here that just *doesn't* make sense, and you don't just need to suspend your disbelief, you need to manacle it to the wall (or just laugh, which is what I did in the end). As an example, at one point in this, the chairwoman of Clamp School creates a device to get aerial views of the campus. This device can go at varying speeds and give a good overview of the ground below. Seems legit so far, right?


The device is a missile. A missile whose speed can be controlled. And which can go so slowly it's drifting like a blimp, but can also go so fast that its passing can damage stuff it passes. Uh... huh.


Aside from that there's a bit of cute character development in episodic form, a new girlfriend for one of our main trio and lots of helping damsels in distress (even the completely irrational ones who probably should receive some sort of punishment for what counts as at least assault). That sort of awkward feeling never quite goes away so I can't entirely enjoy this for what it is, but there's definitely some fun moments and when a story hits all its marks, it can actually be very sweet.