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Konekomaru takes charge

Blue Exorcist, Vol. 11 - Kazue Kato

Man, people are coming out of their shells in this volume. We have Rin, Yukio and Shiemi all dealing with young romantic entanglements thanks to a school dance. We have Konekomaru asserting himself and making me cheer. We even have a bit of a glimpse into the back-room dealings among the leaders of the exorcists.

I knew the romantic entanglements thing had to happen at some point. It virtually always does. But I thought it was handled fairly well, with a minimum of drama in favor of more comedy. And some of it's the totally obvious comedy of the situaiton, granted.

The Konekomaru part, alternately, was probably one of my favorite bits in the comic. I won't spoil the hows and whys, but at this point, I'd been really disappointed in his character since it seems like he fades into the background more often than not. So it was nice to have him step up front and center in a way that suggests he'll do more of the same in coming volumes!

Which honestly left the actual exorcist leadership stuff as the least interesting part. After the plotty stuff that made up a lot of the most recent few issues, this was a bit of a breather and a welcome downtime.