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Lost in a daydream

Nightmare Inspector: Yumekui Kenbun, Vol. 5: Darkness - Shin Mashiba

I don't know if there's anything more to this, but one interesting thing I noticed in this volume was that the narration - not outright narration boxes, but the incidental non-bubbled reactions to stuff - is starting to be from other character's POV sometimes, not just Hiruko's. This is a bit awkward at times, since it's not always immediately clear who is thinking something.

Also, I haven't mentioned it before, but I really like the art in this series with one except that I'll get to later. Generally it's only hard to make out what's going on when the obfuscation is intentional. The style on the characters is really nice, and while a lot of the customers to the Silver Star look sort of interchangeable... well, in a manner of thinking, they are. They don't matter beyond the issue or two they show up for. They share their nightmare and their obsession, their situation resolves for better or worse, and then they are gone. So, it's not so big a deal.

Anyway, after a decent amount of overarching plottiness in the last issue, this one goes back almost completely to episodicness. We have a woman who's obsessed with her appearance for love of a man; a girl whose nightmare is wrapped in darkness; a haunted memory of boy's day; a woman who has lost her true identity; a man wracked with regret; and a child whose friends have turned on her.

Of them, I found the friends one legitimately sad, the first one pretty interesting and sympathetic, and the rest sort of so-so. Not horrible, but I didn't get much of a chill from them, which is what I'm looking for from the stand-alone issues.

I did say we went almost all the way back to episodic-ness, but there's one chapter in this that doesn't involve a new person coming in and sharing a nightmare. Instead, we get Hifumi whose daydreaming about marrying Mizuki leads him to the Delerium. While his dream is a bit silly (and he's silly, though I adore him and Shima comparing notes :) ) we do get a bit more information on the Delerium. First, that people who enter one of its rooms are basically stuck in a loop, reliving the same thing over and over again. And second, that once you come to your senses and realize what's going on, you can leave, but not otherwise.

Not a great volume, but I don't think there are any *bad* volumes in this series for me.