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Legend of Oz Wicked West Tp Vol. 4 - Tom Hutchison;Dirk Manning

I have a confession to make - I never really read much Oz when I was a kid. I had "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" that I read to tatters, and I'd of course seen the movie about a quarter million times. But as for the rest of the books, I just didn't encounter them.


Which may be part of what's making The Wicked West so engaging to me. I'm sometimes seeing the western-tinged versions of characters and places I'm familiar with, but a lot of this stuff is new to me as well. So it is here, as we get the back story of the golden cap that allows for control of the flying monkeys, as well as of the monkeys themselves.


There's not a lot of action happening in this volume. It feels like a majority of what's going on is setup for a pretty explosive matchup between the forces of good and evil. I don't mind that, and the book never dragged, but I'll be looking for a lot more happenings next volume :)


Also? Dorothy's clothing in this book may be the first comics costume in ages I've really loved and coveted. Great design. The art in general is, as always, fantastic.