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Dangerous Games - Keri Arthur

Riley Jenson likes her men spicy and her work less conflict-heavy than one might hope for from a pseudo-police force. Luckily for her, at leaqst one of these things was in abundance in "Dangerous Games."


Every man she's attracted to is spicy. I admit, it got a little silly after a while. But I commend her for knowing what she wanted and being completely unafraid to admit it and go for it. She wants good sex with men she's attracted to, she occasionally gets it, and more power to her.


All of which I talk about before the actual plot, because it takes up more of the book. And to be honest, when you pick up something with a cover like this, isn't that really what you're after? Awesome sexytimes with some paranormal policing on the sides?


This book actually did balance things perfectly. I'm not sure how it works with the previous books since this was the first of this series I tried, but it was a nice blend of paranormal policing, personal life, and places where the two collided.


Riley and her twin brother are on the trail of a killer who's slaughtering people in horrible ways. Blocking their trail are an old enemy who challenges them to the titular game (or one of them at least), an ally whose goals are at cross-purposes with her own and a few humans who are stronger and more dangerous than they  would ever seem. The trail will take Riley through places where pleasure runs darker and more terrible than anything she ever imagined.


I liked a lot of the cast, though I was a bit disappointed that once again, the majority of the cast of an urban fantasy is dudes surrounding the lady lead and how other women are referred to by said lead in often unflattering ways. It feels like an all-too-common trope of the genre.


I also liked... and warning, here there be spoilers!!! ... that when Riley is repeatedly treated poorly by the character Quinn, a vampire whose pants she *really* wants to get in, she cuts him off. She makes it wonderfully, absolutely clear that forcing her to leave a place when she doesn't want to is not acceptable, that subtly influencing her mind to keep her from going places he doesn't like is not acceptable - in fact, treating her like something other than her own person worthy of respect and treatment as an equal is not acceptable. And she sticks by it instead of caving when he shows the slightest sign of contrition. Liked it quite a lot.


I have the next book in this series so I'll definitely read that. However, while I thought this was a good read and people who like this sort of book may find a lot to love, it's just not my thing in general.


But it's good. It's quick, it's kind of violent, but there's a lot of fun and heart.