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So. Deathmatch, huh?

Deadman Wonderland, Vol. 2 - Jinsei Kataoka, Kazuma Kondou

Man, people in this are so blase about admitting how massively screwed up they are. And how much they've screwed up the lives of people around them. And how screwed u the place is in general.


This volume finally namechecks what the people like our hero are called - Deadmen, to no one's surprise. And Deadmen can use some innate talent to form their blood into weapons. And there's a few of them. And for some reason, they call battles between them battles "To the death" but it's more like "to the pain" since the loser just forfeits a body part. I suppose what they're saying is you can kill your opponent if you want to? But man, that feels sort of short sighted and stupid since if their fights are such a big draw, why not at least try to keep them alive to fight more?


Shiro continues to be awesome and perhaps my favorite character thus far. Also liking Yo so far - Genta's not quite matching up to his friends for me, but it can be hard since I often just don't have a lot of patience for main characters except as drivers of the story. He is growing on me though.