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Lucky it built some goodwill

Last Blood - Kristen Painter

I always enjoy getting back to Christabelle and her friends, but I think this might be one of my least favorite of the books in this series. Not because it's bad per se, but because compared to the earlier things, it feels a little too simplistic. I get that you can't add too many more complications in a final book, but it felt like this one took the easiest way out for some of the biggest storylines.


That woman who's been the major antagonist for the series? Taken out pretty easily, duped and played completely. If you expected something significant here... eh, no.


That tie to the mystical vampire-fighting organization? Taken care of with less difficulty than settling a squabble between toddlers.


That pesky "lost all his love for Christabelle" thing? Taken care of reasonably quickly, and with no real consequences.


The demonic child Tatiana was taking care of. Don't worry about it.


The only truly complex plot thread is with Doc and the pride, as the fixed fight from a previous book comes to light and there's a solid investigation into who did it and why. For this reason, I was spending a lot of time hoping that we'd get back to THAT plot. But even then, there's quite a bit of coincidence involved in working out what happened.


If this weren't such a quick read, or if it hadn't grabbed me so well earlier in the series, I would probably have been bored by this. But as it stood, I was at least happy to get some closure on everyone's stories.