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I have a new always-rec comic

Finding Gossamyr Volume 1 HC - David Rodriguez, Angela Nelson, Sarah Ellerton

This is an absolutely lovely comic, framing the complicated relationship between a brother and sister who's also become his caregiver in a story of adventure, magic and complex mathematics.


Denny (I think he's on the autism spectrum but I'm not familiar enough to be sure) is a clever young man with an incredible head for mathematics and a very different way of looking at the world. His sister Jenna loves him and is happy taking care of him, but also sometimes feels stifled at dreams that feel out of reach. But when Denny solves an unsolvable math problem, he opens a portal into a different world, where math is magic and the stakes are high.


The adventure is fun, and the magic system is great, but the real star here is the complicated relationship between the siblings. Both see the world in different ways, and they get frustrated at their inability to understand the other's worldview, but they both *try.* And I loved it, absolutely loved it.


The art is lovely, expressive and colorful with almost a Pixar look, if that makes sense. I loved this and I cannot wait to see more from this series.