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Hibiki's Magic Volume 2 - Jun Maeda;Rei Idumi

The second half (Well, sort of - I'll get to that in a bit) of this series pulls things together a little bit more than the first volume did, indulges in a little more focus on the history of the world and the war, and introduces more potentially fascinating characters.


We get to meet a swordswoman whose past is weighing her down, a demon with a penchant for sharing fresh-baked melon bread, and some history on the leader of the school Hibiki's at. It's a solid volume, cute and with the same dark/cute tone, but lacking some of the more awkward things from the first issue.


And then it just... stops. Only two volumes have so far been released in America, and while it does seem that the series continued in Japan, I can't find confirmation of if enough for a third volume was ever released there either. So the story threads, the character arcs, the mysteries in the world building? None of them get a conclusion. It's not an uncommon thing to happen with manga, and I think the books are entertaining enough on their own to have been worthwhile reading, but it's definitely something to keep in mind. Alas, this drops this volume to a 3 when I sort of wanted to give it a 4 while reading it.