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A masterless samurai

Usagi Yojimbo, Vol. 1: The Ronin - Stan Sakai

Okay, first off, if you're a fan of the Samurai Jack cartoon, you will probably find something to enjoy in this series, because the atmosphere, the style of storytelling, etc. all feel very similar. I would not be surprised is this series was one of the influences for Samurai Jack, but I suspect they're at least both drawing on the same older styles and tropes.


And I LOVE it.


Usagi is a ronin who lost his master in a terrible war, and now travels the countryside, helping people where he encounters situations he wants to help in. The issues in this volume are all self-contained, short and sweet, introducing a myriad of characters Usagi helps that  I want to know more about.


Chief among them is Gen - a bounty hunter and kind of a jackass, but a good person and a skilled samurai in his own right. There's also Tomoe Ame, the protector of the young head of her clan, and a few people from Usagi's past.


But unusual for me, I think Usagi may be my favorite character. His taciturn way of dealing with the world, combined with  the fact that his temper can flare when properly motivated and the subtle prankster streak he usually keeps a lit on were fantastic, and I enjoyed his straightforward way of looking at situations. He's a great character, this is a great series and I look forward to reading more!