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After the war

Rust Vol. 1: Visitor in the Field - Royden Lepp, Rebecca Taylor

This is a beautiful comic with an engaging idea and some fascinating "what if" questions, restrained somewhat by the fact that not much happens.


The world of Rust offers a reality where robots were used to help during World War II. But now, in the aftermath, they've been repurposed for other jobs and uses. Our main character is a farmer who seems unsure of his life, his farm, basically everything. And it turns out he has a most unusual farmhand.


Apparently robots weren't the only thing left over from the army. And like the robots, some of the other things are being repurposed for civilian life. But there's a feeling that things are going subtly wrong. It's well done and atmospheric. But it feels like it's very - VERY - slow. Engaging enough to make me stick with it and quite happily look for the next volume. But slow.