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It's Thursday again

Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde

I have to admit, I may be getting a soft spot for this series after two volumes. The first book was a lot of interesting ideas but lacked in characters that really spoke to me.  This one maintains the interesting ideas but I actually felt like I understood Thursday a lot better, found myself with a new respect for Miss Havisham, and generally enjoyed the entire cast - even those without much more than their name to offer.


The clever ideas are thick on the ground in this book, as we find out about an entire society dedicated to the preservation of literature - but in a totally different way from what we've seen of the world so far. This group works from the inside, so to speak. And the sheer possibilities offered by this dwarf everything else in this mad, creative series so far. But there's so much else - the improbability of coincidental coincidences, the majesty of a mammoth, and the vagaries of erasing a person from existence - or erasing all of existence.


Like previous, all the disparate parts of the plot come together in unexpected ways for a really thrilling and surprisingly emotional conclusion.