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Speeding back

The Flash, Vol. 6: Ignition - Geoff Johns, Alberto Dose, Howard Porter, John Livesay

Wally West doesn't remember who he's been, and that might be a good thing - after the events of the previous trade, his wife isn't feeling too kidly disposed toward the Flash. She blames him for the trauma of the last book.

And Wally's got a mundane job working on cars for the police station. But he knows there's something off. Like how occasionally, the world seems to go into slow motion, letting him help people or stop bad guys.

As he slowly pieces together his past, he finds that some other people were faster on the uptake - and that he's not sure he even wants to accept who and what he was because of his wife.

It's a great, somewhat slow and definitely emotional volume. Great for anyone who liked the Wally West of old (aka back when sad and dark wasn't the base state for every superhero in DC's stable.)