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Millennium Snow, Vol. 1 - Bisco Hatori

Never go into anything with your expectations too high. You'll just end up disappointed.


Millenium Snow is what Twilight would have been if the author had a sense of humor about herself and there was something actually, physically wrong with Bella Swan rather than her just being a clumsy, sour-dispositioned person. There's a love triangle with a vampire and a werewolf who has no chance. And that's basically the plot of the first volume and, I assume, the series.


To be fair, I liked it much better than Twilight, a book that has the distinction of being one of maybe 5 ever than I didn't finish. Our heroine, Chiyuki , is a pretty straightforward individual who knows what she wants, even if she's another in a long line of people who seem to fall in love almost pathologically fast. Her vampire is dark and brooding, but that's thankfully not painted as a 100 percent awesome and sexy thing, and the energy and spirit of the werewolf is likewise not presented as all manly and stuff. It's occasionally very sweet and genuinely emotional.


Seeing this was by the creator of Ouran Host Club, I was excited because I thought that manga was interesting and clever, at least for the first bunch of volumes. But this one feels disappointingly formulaic. Not bad, but predictable. We'll see if it picks up in Vol. 2.