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Millennium Snow 2 (Millenium Snow) - Bisco Hatori

Welp! I think I'm about done with Millenium Snow.


It's not bad. I still like our main trio. But eh... I'm just tired. I'm tired of reading things that I feel I can predict, and moreover I'm tired of the places where a story surprises me not being genuinely clever but so absolutely ridiculous that no one could have seen it coming.


There's a couple stories here. The first is... okay. I feel like I'm saying that a lot. But it is. The characters are okay, the plot is okay, the new character is okay. There's actually a bit of pretty good conflict. Our three characters end up in a house in the woods with a hidden secret that might turn them all against one another. It's decent enough, nothing special, but also nothing harmful and decently enjoyable.


But man, the second story introduces the return of a young man who looked out for our heroine Chiyuki when she was a child. And this could have been good. It SHOULD have been good. This guy is a med student. He comes back to find Chiyuki acting like she's never had a heart problem. After his initial surprise, I expected him to start looking into what caused it and figure out that there was a vampire there. This would put a bunch of people in conflicting positions and would have done a great job of complicating things for all involved.


But instead, the direction the author took was so mind-bogglingly wild it just lost me. I didn't care about the story any more. this guy is a *sociopath* and it's never treated as such. He's treated like a guy who just went a little astray out of love. No. NO! He should be arrested! What sort of nonsense allows him to just... leave at the end! And he's more or less okay with himself. I'm not sure he even ever apologizes and I don't care enough to look back.


So there may be more but I'm done. Shame. I was initially so excited...