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Psyren, Vol. 13 - Toshiaki Iwashiro Psyren #12: Blood and Resolution - Toshiaki Iwashiro Psyren #11: The Two Test Subjects - Toshiaki Iwashiro

Vol. 11
This book was largely split between two stories, both featuring new characters. One I was sort of interested in and the other, eh, not at all. I mean, I get we're seeing how he's meant to build his team and everything, but...eh.


The story I liked followed Kagetora as he went to an orphanage with Ran and Haruhiko looking for a particular little kid. Unfortunately, Mikoru's people are there too and things get tense.


Meanwhile, in a story I care nothing about, Mikoru finds another of the test subjects and fights him, with the stakes pretty high - if Mikoru wins, the other guy joins him, and if he loses he dies.


But man, I just did not care. This villain is not really compelling to me except as a force to try and defeat. I feel some sympathy for him, but don't care to read about his quest for vengeance and a cleansing of the world.

Vol. 12
Yay, back to the story at hand! Ageha and Amamiya talk with one of the scientists who ran the program that made Mikoru and the others, and he tells them the guy's back story, as well as a way they can quickly and quietly short-circuit the guy's brain.


The first problem? It's at the bottom of an in-use military installation. And the second problem? there's more than just military there to stop them. Oh, and a third problem? Amamiya's not feeling quite as up to things as she seems.


Solid, action-packed volume focused where I wanted the action focused, which was lovely after 11.


Vol. 13
They say the best defense is a good offense, and in this volume that proves to not only be the case, but also be the only option.


While they decide to try to hunt down Mikoru in the future and ask him everything, they find the battle is brought to their doorstep. And man, I would love this volume even if nothing else cool happened because Kirisaki almost gets to do something and Shao has a totally fantastic fight. It was worth the price of admission (even if his opponent is HORRIBLE!)