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Psyren, Vol. 16 - Toshiaki Iwashiro Psyren, Vol. 14 - Toshiaki Iwashiro Psyren, Vol. 15 - Toshiaki Iwashiro

Issue 14
The battle continues, with some truly fun fight scenes. Frederika and her salamander powers are always fun to watch, though for my money, again this time it was fun to watch Kabuto step outside his cowardly center and really cut loose with his powers, using everything he's learned to engage in a surprisingly ruthless and efficient battle. Haruhiko also gets some time to shine, which was fun to watch.


But the big takeaway here was what the enemy did while they were there, before they fled. By the end of this volume, losses have forced our heroes to abandon all but the most basic planning and preparation. Everything's coming to a head and they have to take the fight to the enemy. Immediately.


Issue 15
Good god, if there was any recurring character in this book you liked, hen odds are good you're going to get a taste of them sometime during this volume. Almost everyone (with a few exceptions) makes an appearance as the last big battle between good and evil comes to a head. I don't even know what to say about the reappearance of Orobo. Just... that was a surprise. We knew he was still kicking around out there but I didn't expect him to come back like that.


And then to end on a cliffhanger like that? Come on! But this was a pretty good volume, exciting if a little confusing at times.


Issue 16
Final volume, and things do not at all go as I had expected. But I don't suppose that matters. If it does matter, it matters in a positive sense - It can be truly fantastic not to know what's coming. But in retrospect, after everything is said and done, I think this was a satisfactory and enjoyable ending that stayed true to what the series was about, and that's always a good thing :)